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ZEST Your Life – A Taste of Inner Wisdom by Linda Babulic

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ZEST Your Life – A Taste of Inner
Wisdom by Linda Babulic

About The Book:

ZEST Your Life – A Taste of Inner Wisdom weaves together research
studies, anecdotal examples, tips and the author's own wisdom. It is a
thorough account of how to bring more ZEST into one's life.
ZEST Your Life – A Taste of Inner Wisdom shares with readers the benefits of
living a truly zesty life described as Zeroing-in (on your dreams), Expecting
(to receive all you deserve), achieving Success (as you define it), and
Transcending (to your higher self).

Awaken your inner spirit and take action to improve your life. We’ll unlock
the energies of  your personal power, explore the barriers that hold you back,
and create a path to find and liberate your authentic life and your dreams.
Chapters explore your inner power, finding authenticity, the communication
skills of active listening and asking questions as well as intuition as the
highest level of human communication. ZESTERS are included at the end of each
part. ZESTERS—the things you do and actions you take to activate ZEST in your

Learn how to create emotional maturity through understanding emotions, applying
exercises to dissolve barriers to emotional ZEST and emotional masks. Apply the
change by implementing ZESTERS.

The mind/body connection denotes the interdependence, influence, and
communication that the mind and body have on each other. Understand the research
that proves the mind/body connection, explore mind/mental aspect,  barriers to
body ZEST, how the mind/body works together and how to resolve the barriers to
mind/body ZEST. ZESTERS and affirmations review and reinforce the learnings.

You have awakened the woman within, you have emotional maturity, and your
mind/body are connected. It’s time to intend and manifest that this year and
beyond become the best years of your life.
Explore spiritual ZEST and the barriers to spiritual ZEST. Discover the
spiritual/sensual connection, align your feelings and beliefs, and do the values
exercise to know your values as the maps that guide you. Understand your craving
for freedom, living your authentic self and create a vision board of your dreams
and desires. Implement ZESTERS—the things you do and actions you take to
activate ZEST in your life.

Give your life, your dreams, and your desires your full and undivided attention.
Have fun. If it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable. When they all come true,
make new dreams, and help others achieve ZEST in their life.
There is no better time to be succeZESTful!


About The

Linda Babulic is that woman… the guest
you want to sit next to at a dinner party, the speaker who captures your
attention, the coach who tailors your solution and makes it all about you, just
when it matters most. 

Her flagship “ZEST” program promotes and serves anyone seeking greater
meaning, deeper understanding and the kind of joy that comes from the heart.
From one-on-one consults, to workshops, keynote speeches and books, Linda
targets our growing need for connection and validation.

Linda's unique skill is her ability to make people feel safe as they
transition from where they are to where they want to be. She serves the person
who wakes up one day wondering, “Is this all there is? I thought
there'd be more.” 

At a pivotal time in life, in the midst of great personal loss, Linda began
making the hard choices on her own. She has honed the coping mechanisms and
survival skills she acquired in her youth as a way to help others face their
challenges and move forward. 

In 1995, Linda launched Leadership Centre Canada, a corporate training company.
Her flagship program: “Fundamentals of Supervision” was an instant
success with small, medium and large corporations across Canada with hundreds of
students learning her leadership techniques and tools. 

Linda Babulic is fluent in English and French. She holds a Bachelor of Arts
degree and is an accredited coach and facilitator. Her volunteer work has been
recognized by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and the Rotary Club of

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