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Your First Moment Earns You More Moments by Alli Mang


Your First Moment Earns You More Moments by Alli Mang

About The Book:

Your First Moment Earns You More Moments is an urgent call-to-action to understand how to sell yourself: who are you, your personal values, your expertise, your mindset and your reputation – which is your personal brand. It is the culmination of the totality of all of your professional assets. This concise book is filled with easy to apply results oriented principles to help you identify, celebrate and own the power of what makes you a stand out.


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About The Author:

Alli Mang is a Multi-Million Dollar Brand Spokesperson. She is a three-time author, a Professional Speaker, a Singer and runs her own Talent Management Agency. In 2017 booked and escorted one of her VIP clients to the GRAMMYS & the 89TH ACADEMY AWARDS and Alli has made it her life’s work to thrive within a sink or swim atmosphere where the pressure to deliver results within minutes is all that matters. Her trademark slogan, When Every Minute Counts, Make Every Moment CountTM stems from her successes of entrepreneurship, owning her national sportswear line, acting in 100’s of National commercials, principal TV and stage roles throughout North America, to clocking in over 1400 hours of LIVE, unscripted hosting in the worldwide home shopping market.
As well as her current endeavors, multi-marathoner founded the Leanne Mang Foundation in honour of her sister who lost her life to suicide. This charitable organization supports at the grass roots level, people living with mental illness with a focus on adolescent suicide prevention. Alli’s professional focus it to celebrate and educate young professionals and entrepreneurs to be all they can be and to live every day to its fullest as if it was the last chance you had to do it!


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