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What You Resist, Persists! by Cris Baker

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What You Resist, Persists!
by Cris Baker

About The Book:

When Life Sucks, End your Stress and Stop the Self-Sabotage

What You Resist Persists explores the natural laws underlying this time-tested
adage. Discover why resistance exacerbates problems, learn instead to create
effective long-term strategies that work. Why is resistance futile? Because
energy is impartial, it energizes the negative as well as the positive.

What will you get out of this ebook? Lots, these cutting-edge strategies will
empower you to:

‒ Put your energy into what you do want, not what you don’t. section 9

‒ Overcome stress and self-sabotage, decreasing your painful suffering.
section 15

‒ Be more successful in achieving your goals and desires. section 2

‒ Enjoy your life more, discover how to have fun again. section 6

Effectiveness is key for any strategy, then you’ll enjoy your increasing
success. Your refusal to accept reality is a common cause of suffering, so stop
resisting the universe, it’s more powerful than you!


About The

Cris Baker has much practice in adversity,
he’s been screwing things up for years! His extensive history of self-sabotage
has given him much crucial know-how gained from years overcoming the inevitably
painful consequences. His knowledge is authentic and he definitely has the

Born in the U.K. when very young and now based in Gibraltar, Europe at the
entrance to the Mediterranean, he started researching Life Strategies in North
America towards the end of the twentieth century.

At a very early age he realized that personal growth can be seen as the purpose
for life. Improving effectiveness has been his passion for years, his computer
company specializing in boosting mainframe performance was successful for

Finding out that he’s not always right about everything was a startling
revelation. Along with many others, perhaps even someone you know intimately, he
used to believe that “I don’t know how” means it cannot be done. But experience
proves it does not mean it cannot be done, it simply means you don’t know how,
you lack the know-how …

Never one just accept to someone’s beliefs, he knows that life is rational, and
authentic knowing along with experience have way more power than just
understanding. Invest your time and energy to check things out for yourself, and
you’ll find options beyond continuing to suffer.

The context in which you do what you do is crucial to your success. As Henry
Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re
right. Either way!”

So he knows how to answer your questions. What should you do about your current
situation? Discover why your actions have resulted in your circumstances, and
you’ll also know how to improve things. 

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