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What You Don’t Know

 What You Don’t Know is Killing You


With the rapid increase in disease and illness on the rise, there has never been a more important time in history to take our health seriously. The rates of Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity, and a plethora of other serious health issues has never been more prevalent as it is in our modern day society. The question I believe we all should be asking ourselves is why are we so sick? And more importantly what can each of us to do to stop this cycle? For over half my life now I have been an avid researcher of the answers to these questions. The basis of what I have discovered is simple yet, complex, due to the fact that the important answers to these questions are not found in mainstream culture or media. In fact, it is the exact opposite. The answer to our greatest health challenges lies in our exposure to toxins and lack of nutrition in our foods.  Instead of this vital information being poured into public awareness of how to diminish our chances of getting sick or having health issues, we are bombarded with false advertising, lies, and down right scandalous information that make us believe what we are eating, purchasing, and watching is not the problem at all. This is utterly false and devastating to our future as a society. I have spent the last decade reinventing how I look at and consume products, foods, and even what I allow myself to watch or hear through the media.  I have also dedicated my life to teaching, and educating others about these very topics. I believe these truths are the most vital for our survival as human beings.  If we want to live and thrive then we must get educated.


My book, The Silent Scandal, is all about how to do this. It is an in-depth look into the American Health Crisis, and what each of us can do to have, what I call, Empowered Health. With education comes freedom because we then have more choices. If you don’t know what is killing you then how can you get away from it? As a mother of two young daughters it is my goal everyday to make sure my children’s bodies get the least amount of toxic exposure while absorbing the most amount of nutrition possible. With the reality of what is taking place in our food and drug industry it is the most important choice you will ever make to become educated and fight back to protect your family. This is by far the greatest fight for your life, and it should not be taken lightly. We are being poisoned, lied to, and slaughtered all for the profit of a few companies that are trying everything they know how to control our destiny. I believe that each of us is more powerful than these corporations and that we can and will evoke change. But first, we must know what and whom we are battling against. If you want to live a long, healthy, vital life then you need to be aware of this information. My hope is that this book will be your guide and your jumping off point, where you take a stand for your health, your family, and future generations.  Don’t become a statistic, you deserve so much more than that! From my family to yours I wish you all the health, joy, and abundance this world has to offer.


Brittney Kara

Written by Justin