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What can I do for you? How to arrive at success through smiles by Joshua Coburn

What can I do for you? How to arrive at
success through smiles by Joshua Coburn

Confidence. A word that brings to mind men of
stature and strong presence, men filled to the brim with self-assurance. As a
child I often wondered how it was that I would someday be able to award such a
word to my life. It seemed so monumental a word and the individuals it was
attached to seemed to be able to do, say, and create anything they wished as if
by pure will.

These athletes, musicians, and businessmen all possessed an aura that seemed
both relatable and unattainable at the same time. These men were heroes without
a cape; these men were my heroes. They were individuals who spoke my language,
and the language of many others, without saying a word. These men strode through
life each with the presence of ten men and a kindness that was felt when near

These men were champions of life who had found the secret to success and it had
nothing to do with dollars and cents. The secret to success was even easier to
gain than greenbacks. In fact, the secret wasn’t a secret at all; it was
plastered all over their faces for much of their lives.

Their secret was in their smile. That smile was a choice each morning at dawn
and continued until the sun set on the last moments of their lives. Reinforcing
that smile each day was the willingness to be of service to others while
remaining genuine, focused, and confident.

In the eyes of others, our value is often held within the services we can
provide to them. Happiness, companionship, support -all services provided to
others by these men. As I observed, I learned that the common thread tying these
men together actually had little to do with them specifically, but instead had
to do with their service to those around them.

The friends of these men were few, acquaintances many, and their networks vast,
but each friend, acquaintance, and distant associate was more willing than the
next to lend them a hand. The secret was in their friendly smiles that had
opened them up to so many, and caused many more to open up to them.

The confidence I had wished to gain came naturally as I modeled myself after
each of these men, all who sought to be of service to others. I learned that
being a champion is never about being great alone. Being a champion is about
passing along a self-assured smile and one simple question, “What can I do for

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