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Waking Dreams; The Subtle Reality by Carl David

Waking Dreams; The Subtle Reality by Carl David


Waking Dreams; The Subtle Reality
by Carl David

About The Book:

For many years now I have been given the gift of experiencing Waking
Dreams and felt it important to share them. They come to those who are open to
receiving them and often as a result of requesting a sign from a loved one who
has passed. At times they are placed in our path as guidance to protect us, at
others they are simply affirmations we need.  

We are reassured by these signs that we are not alone and that life does not end
when we die. The episodes of synchronicity are delivered to us through the
perfect intersection of events, electrical impulses, whispers from somewhere
unknown, songs that bear significance, words we’re meant to see, dreams and
things which seem to randomly appear before us. Even the waft of cigarette smoke
nearby or footsteps heard when we are alone are indications that Spirit is
trying to communicate with us, and will definitely get our attention, one way or

If the situation at hand is serious enough, the signs will persist until they
are acknowledged. They can foretell an impending emergency or just be a warning
to prepare for an unpleasant occurrence that looms in the short term so that we
are not blindsided.

I am ever so grateful to have been allowed the privilege of receiving these
wonderful communications in all the forms they are delivered. The awareness of
their existence is very comforting but experiencing them is divine.   .



About The

Carl is a third generation Fine Art Dealer
in the family owned & operated David David Gallery in Philadelphia, now in
its 4th generation.  

He is the Author of “Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide”
(Nightengale Press) 2008/2009/2010

“Collecting & Care Of Fine Art” (Crown NY) 1981
Revised edition of “Collecting & Care Of Fine Art” (Skyhorse
Publishing, NY, Fall 2015)

Author of “Waking Dreams; The Subtle Reality”
(Motivational Press 2015)

Suicide Prevention Advocate

Writer, Photographer, Songwriter/Musician, Healer, Animal Healer, Auto
Enthusiast, Sim Pilot

Contributing Journalist


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