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Vittoria’s Diary by David Kettlewell

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Vittoria’s Diary by David

About The Book:


“When a choice is taken from a woman, an important choice…such as whom she
is to marry, her life is not her own…it is something else entirely”

Vittoria Giuliana D’Antonio was the most beautiful woman in the town of
Mosciano, Sant’Angelo, with the sparkling Adriatic Sea just 3 miles to the
East, and to the West the  terra cotta Gran Sassos mountains, dividing
Italy along it’s length like the spine of a serpent.

This is the story of how Giuliana’s paradise became a hell, in Italy and

At 17, she was torn from the arms of the scholar she truly loved, then forced by
her parents to  marry an American Italian so her parents could buy an
ancestral home.

But the man had lied about his background and money and all else to win her
heart, as a hunter hangs a trophy.

Her father was a musical genius who abdicated all responsibility for the home in
sacrifice to his music, giving his wife free rein to create havoc in the
girl’s life.

Banned to a Convent School less than 5 minutes walk from home for 3 years by her
mother who claimed, “she’s always underfoot,” and haunted by endless
taunts from her mother that Giuliana was born to make her sister die
(Giuliana’s sister died at the time of Giuliana’s birth) her life reflects
tragic elements. Then a marriage and children in America…a world of false
dreams and hopes.

THE DIARY…the one place where Giuliana could tell her truths; a record for all
time of her pain, her dreams, her suffering, her joys…with pages shredded
& torn in anger, stained with tears, and its metal casting of Christ on the
Cross surrounded by carved wooden leaves.

All counterpoised by the violent and passion filled world of the gypsies, with
their lusts, murder and thievery…a world outside our rules…but a people who
knew love in ways some genteel society did not.

And between all is the Priest who time and again stepped in to salvage
Giuliana’s spirit and hopes, and help her see, if only for a moment, that in
the midst of life’s greatest sorrows…one can transcend…and that her
lifelong love of her true love, Biagio, was like a rope to heaven…for only the
love which never actually happens remains pure.

An enchanting setting for this fascinating life story, based on the life of
Vittoria Giuliana D’Antonio. An unforgettable book.  

Vittoria’s Diary…The first in a trilogy.


About The

Author David Kettlewell has been a
professional author for over 35 years.

First a news correspondent, then editor, he has written many books and
screenplays, and produced and hosted over 230 televisions shows.

A former competitive skater and soloist in a Russian Folk Dance troupe based in
America, he also enjoys music, playing chromatic harmonica and penny whistle.

Of Vittoria's Diary he says: “Mosciano, Sant'Angelo is the most
beautiful spot I've seen on earth, and the story is one which had to be

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