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Uri’madu; Songs of the Planet Walkers by Jennifer Boyes

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Uri’madu; Songs of the Planet Walkers
by Jennifer Boyes

About The Book:

Worlds are unsettled … the sacrifice begins.

Exploring the furthest reaches of the Realm, cut off from civilization, Huldar
and his team of Planet Walkers (the Uri’madu) must face the unknown and
complete their mission. While still reeling from the death of a key team member,
the archangel, Huldar of Leth must make a place for the ephemeral diviner, Andel
of House Trianog. As they come to grips with the strangeness of this new world,
they are undermined by the secret agenda of Imperial Overlord, Duvät Gok. The
Planet Walkers find themselves in mortal peril and must come together to rescue
one of their own, lost in the grips of Qalān.
Uri’madu; Songs of the Planet Walkers is set on world of changing conditions
and climatic extremes, a newly discovered planet on the outskirts of the Realm
of the angels and archangels (the annangi).
It is the first book in the series; Songs of the Broken Throne.


About The

I started writing seriously after a
traumatic event challenged my reason for living. In an exceptionally vivid
dream, I experienced a different world and became a part of its story. The
characters, history and culture arrived fully formed and the telling of my
experience became an obsession that saved my life.
I have always had a great love of books and particularly the fantasy genre. For
some time I managed a large second-hand bookshop and knew most of the titles and
their position on the shelves by memory. I loved the smell of the paper and the
provenance of old books. My clients were drawn from a wide range of backgrounds,
from young teens to grey nomads, stay-at-home mums to science professors, all
telling me stories about their lives.
Hand in hand with my love of books goes my passion for painting and drawing the
natural world, and I was Winner of the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize,
2005, section A (oils and acrylics).  
I live with 2 cats and 2 dogs on a remote farm in regional Australia.
I have a BA, Community and Environment, from the University of Wollongong in

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