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Unlock the 7 Key Principles of Energetic Health with Motivational Press Author Elisabetta L. Faenza


the 7 Key Principles of Energetic Health

A key
motivator, trainer and author in the field of productivity and performance,
Elisabetta brings her love of science, her experience in the field, and her down
to earth common sense to The Energy Code. A Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master
Trainer, Elisabetta is passionate about sharing her expertise to help people
maximize their potential.

Bring Elisabetta L. Faenza on your show and your listeners
will 1. Discover why unwanted habits are so hard to beat using willpower
alone, and how neuroscience can help you reprogram your mind.
2. Learn how their mindset, attitude and environment affect the way their DNA
activates, and how to capitalize on this phenomenon for higher performance
3. Understand how DNA broadcasts information into the environment around them,
and how they can harness this affect to influence others and manage people more

schedule an interview with Elisabetta L. Faenza, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or

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