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Total Zero to Professional Hero by Darren Bocksnick


Total Zero to Professional Hero by Darren Bocksnick
About The Book:

Total Zero to Professional Hero is an empowering book that awakens
the reader to realizing his/her own potential through discovering the
“hero” within…   The book educates the reader on the importance
of branding, personal/professional development and the need to diversify his/her
career portfolio in the ever-changing digital age.

The book is chocked full of real-world examples along with strategies and advice
from some of the foremost business minds in America, today. Readers will find
the book engaging since ever page has either a graphic, artwork, chart or text
box that brings emphasis to key points and to help break up the text.

The goal of Total Zero to Professional Hero is to reverse the thinking of some –
that the economy is bad and that there are no opportunities available, when in
fact, since the advent of the Internet, there are more opportunities to be
successful than ever before.  With Total Zero to Professional Hero, the
reader will find that true fulfillment and the discovery of his/her purpose
comes inwardly, but is ultimately brought to fruition outwardly – through
expressing oneself through giving, paying-it-forward and establishing
relationships both online and offline.  


Your Copy of Total Zero to Professional Hero

About The Author:

Darren Bocksnick has been involved in nearly
every aspect of writing for over 30 years – frAdom writing poetry and songs, to
writing blogs and press releases.  Equally, Darren has enjoyed expressing
his creative side in the writing of books and short-stories.  

His first book, “Making Millions from your Home” helped him discover a
new, unexplored side to his writing that he continues to explore today.
 Since the writing of his 2nd book, “Total Zero to Professional
Hero”, he has also completed the manuscript for a children's book,
which is now being reviewed for publication.  

Darren hopes to continue writing self-help and empowering books to inspire and
challenge readers to always persevere toward the pursuit of their passions.
 Additionally, he plans to complete a novel he started to further express
his love for creative expression!


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