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About The Book:

Are you familiar with my sentence: “Today is a good day”? Every day is a good day because we have a lot of blessings every day. The problem is that most of us are not conscious about that. We are going too fast, we are working a whole year and again, and again and again. We are traveling too much to get some business. We have a short time focus in many cases.

I like very much my profession; I’m a project manager, consultant, trainer and speaker working worldwide, so I’m blessed. I have the opportunity to meet new people very frequently coming from different countries and cultures. I can learn more and more every year, quarter, month, week, every day. That’s amazing isn’t it? Every day is a good day. But what happens with your future? Are you thinking about where you want to be next year, what do you wanted to do by next year?

I’m talking about your future. Do you have a personal and professional vision about your future? You need it, because tomorrow may be even a better day for you. But it depends on you. If you work on your vision, if you dream a little bit, if you see around you in which environment you are, you will be able to build a new future for you. I know the financial crisis has affected us worldwide, but have you thought about how to change it? Do you believe you can change something, in your personal or professional life that may contribute to the social good, to the industry, to our business future?

You, as a project professional, can do that. You can change your destiny, only you. Take your time, analyze where you are and where you can go, and as my best friend and colleague Randall L. Englund says, do it.

I have some best practices about how to prepare your personal vision:

• Spend some time every day in a quiet and relaxed place and think about:
o Your career
o Your achievements
o Do a SWOT analysis about you (Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities and Threats)

• Be focused on your strengths and reflect upon how to be excellent in your strengths, what would be the actions to take to achieve it

• Think about  your attitude
o Are you a positive or negative person?
o What is your answer when people are asking “how are you?
o Can you be more positive, can you always see the full part of the bottle?

• Take a sheet of paper and write down your vision in one year from now about:
o Children (if applicable)
o Career
o Moral
o Extended Family
o Professional Involvement
o Spiritual
o Physical
o Community
o Financial
o Recreational    
o Leadership
Tomorrow can be even better for you if you dedicate some time to yourself from now and work on your personal vision. If you need some help on that you can ask for our consulting services (BUCERO PM Consulting)



About The Author:

Alfonso Bucero, MSc, PMP, PMI-RMP, PfMP, PMI Fellow, and Certified Public Speaker is an independent project management consultant, author and speaker. He is founder, partner and director of BUCERO PM Consulting in Spain. Bucero has a M.S. in Computer Science Engineering. He is the author of nine project management books and manages projects internationally. He delivers workshops, keynote speeches and consults organizations on project program and portfolio management. His motto is Passion, Persistence and Patience and for him every day is a good day (TODAY IS A GOOD DAY! is his preferred sentence).  


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