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This Too Shall Pass by Cathy Bamji

This Too Shall Pass by Cathy Bamji

This Too Shall Pass: A Journey through Grief to the Other Side

By Cathy Bamji

Description of the Book:

Life does little to prepare us for an illness or loss. It comes suddenly, it confuses us, and the feeling of helplessness leaves us frozen, searching for a way to move beyond. However, at no other time in our lives is there greater opportunity to connect with ourselves, decide what really matters, and find new purpose in life. This Too Shall Pass is designed to be a guide for your personal journey of healing and self-discovery. Lined with powerful stories, writing prompts, and revealing moments from the author’s personal experience during the illness, loss and memory of her mother, this book puts an arm around your shoulder to give you space for reflection and learning.

About The Author: 

Cathy Bamji is a Board-Certified Life and Career Coach focused on helping people in transition, from students moving out into the world, to people facing mid-career challenges and those looking forward to retirement and what’s next in their lives. Leveraging strengths and integrating new possibilities into daily actions, her clients are equipped to discover and pursue their chosen paths. Cathy lives outside Washington DC with her husband and two sons. For more information please visit


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