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The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood TRANSMUTES you to love! with Motivational Press Author Doug Lauffer


Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood TRANSMUTES you to love!

Lauffer (a minister/missionary, educator, and entrepreneur) has a son, born in
Simbandi Balant, Senegal, Africa 1978. Brent worked at Federal Express but he
had to go on permanent medical leave because he needs a liver transplant. The
Lauffers are raising money for Brent. Go to the following website

Bring Doug Lauffer on your show and your listeners will Find
out what makes a band of nine fathers want to write a book on fatherhood? They
felt the need to share their struggles and successes.

In a medley of stories, opinions and advice, the authors take you on a journey
of men who don't hold back their enthusiasm of being proud fathers.

You will find moments of joy, sadness, and triumph. Whether you are a father, a
mother, son, daughter, extended family member or caregiver, there is something
in this book for you!

It will kindle your excitement to send a message of love.

schedule an interview with Doug Lauffer, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or

Lauffer’s Website:


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