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The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood by Doug Lauffer

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The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood
by Doug Lauffer

About The Book:

What makes a band of nine fathers want to write a book on fatherhood?
They felt the need to share their struggles and successes.

In a medley of stories, opinions and advice, the authors take you on a journey
of men who don't hold back their enthusiasm of being proud fathers. You
will find moments of joy, sadness, and triumph.

Whether you are a father, a mother, son, daughter, extended family member or
caregiver, there is something in this book for you!

It will kindle your excitement to send a message of love.


About The

Doug Lauffer is a minister, educator, and
entrepreneur. He is an Associate Professor at Community College Beaver County,
Pennsylvania. Mr. Lauffer was ordained in 1976 and has served churches in
Western Pennsylvania, Senegal and Uganda, Africa.

He has Master of Arts from the Saint John of Damascus School of Theology,
University of Balam and,Lebanon. His Master of Science degree from the
University of Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania is in Telecommunications.

Doug has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts
with a major in the French language. He also obtained an Associate degree in
Science at Westmoreland County Community College, Pennsylvania.
Doug spent many years of specialized training in Biblical studies, cultural
anthropology, applied linguistics, and translation methodology. His wife, Vicki
Lynne Reynolds Lauffer, trained with him. Vicki and Doug went to Senegal, North
West Africa in 1977 where they served in two villages for about two years. As a
language specialist, Mr. Lauffer quickly learned the Manjako language, the
people whom he and his linguist wife served. The Manjako people are a race
predominantly located in northwest Africa.…/ht…/chapterdbid/3081.html

Their third child was born in Simbandi Balant, Senegal, Africa on
December 19, 1978. He was christened Brent Jacques FM Lauffer (FM representing
Formosa Marina). Brent worked at Federal Express but he had to go on permanent
medical leave because he needs a liver transplant. The Lauffers are raising
money for Brent.
Go to the following website and search for Brent Lauffer.

OR just go to Brent's campaign at the following weblink.->

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