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The Trophy Effect by Michael Nitti


The Trophy Effect by Michael Nitti

About The Book:

"The Trophy Effect" is the name of a very powerful sub-conscious force that causes human beings to focus on their shortcomings (what's wrong) rather than on the positive aspects of their lives.  In order to break free, the book walks the reader through a very powerful metaphorical journey of their own mind, allowing them to not only see very clearly the source of this dynamic, but allows them to break free of its influence, thereby enabling them to overcome all self-doubt!  in the process, the reader is taken on a spiritual journey of Self-discovery, leaving them fully empowered to both override their "reactive mind' and take absolute control of their life forever!


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About The Author:

Michael Nitti is both a Heralded Life Coach & Mind-Set Guru, who is not only a Master at inspiring powerful shifts in the quality of his client’s lives, but in how quickly they're able to reap these benefits!  Having been coaching full time for the last 12 years, Michael honed his coaching skills as a leader in several industries, before hiring on as an executive with Tony Robbins in 1997 (and for whom he still employed part-time as a Master Coach today).  Being both a Spiritual Teacher (the outgrowth of his personal spiritual awaking in 1982) as well as the author of a unique “life-changing” book (The Trophy Effect),  Michael's core-teachings have not only earned him a reputation as “a quick-change artist”, but a following that includes an impressive list of high-profile clients – including A-list celebrities, high-net worth business leaders – and most recently, the Princess of Greece!


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