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The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required by Kita Szpak

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The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not
Required by Kita Szpak

About The Book:

The SIMPLE Life focuses on the process of moving from a busy,
distracting life to a simple life of purposeful living where once-present shiny
objects are no longer necessary or desirable. Appealingly short, The SIMPLE
Life is the perfect choice for those who know their overly-scheduled, distracted
lives are at breaking point but don’t know how they got to this point or how
to go about making a change for the better.


About The

Kita Szpak is a Canadian author, happiness
expert, and speaker. She started writing 15 years ago, first telling her
stories to her three now-adult sons. Kita published her first children’s book
“You’re Special Wherever You Are” at the end of 2009. (The book was
honored as a finalist in the 6th Annual U.S. Indie National Excellence Awards in
the Children’s Inspirational/Motivational category in June 2012).
Transitioning into the “big people” sphere, Kita co-authored with Monique
MacKinnon “Tipping Point to Happiness” in 2010. As a follow up to the
book’s release, Kita undertook a U.S. radio campaign focusing on happiness,
earning the title of “happiness expert” along the way. The book earned her
the title of one of the top 50 authors you should be reading in 2012-13 on She now blogs for JenningsWire with her column “Straight
Talk on Happiness” and is an in-house happiness expert on The Small Business
Advocate Show with Jim Blasingame.
Last summer Kita hosted the “Happiness for Parents Formula” Telesummit. Dr.
Christine Carter, Dr. Joseph Ciarrochi, Dr. Fran Walfish and Dr. Friedemann
Schaub were among the 21 experts Kita interviewed. Since then, she has
developed a “Keep It SIMPLE Sweetie (KISS) program as well as hosted another
telesummit focusing on moving from guilt to gratitude with experts Carl Honoré,
Dr. Doug Haddad, Janae Bower, Dr. Robert Mackenzie among others.
Kita has two honors degrees in Education and German (Queen’s University,
Kingston, Canada), along with speaker’s certification from Fred Pryor
Seminars, and business management certification from Queen’s University School
of Business.
More information as well as registration for Kita’s programs, telesummits and
her weekly Gentle Messages can be found at

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