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The Seven Senses of Leaderhsip: The Brain Broad’s Guide to Leadership Sensibilities by Lynette Louise


The Seven Senses of Leaderhsip: The Brain Broad’s Guide to Leadership Sensibilities by Lynette Louise

About The Book:

Neuroscience teaches us to become better Leaders, get more done and increase our influence.  Use the latest research in the field of brain science to make the right choices, accelerate your productivity, and theirs. A must read for any manager, team leader or executive with staff.

Valuable insights gleaned from the stories of Global Leaders throughout history are the backdrop for behaviorist and brain expert Lynette Louise as she busts Leadership myths and uncovers The Seven Senses of Leadership. With clearly explained brain science Lynette shares solid advice on building and/or refining your Leadership Sensibilities. Unique and brilliant, The Seven Senses of Leadership: The Brain Broad's Guide to Leadership Sensibilities, helps readers discover, recognize and perfect their Leadership Sensibilities while also giving them the tools and expertise to choose their own Leaders with educated purpose.


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About The Author:

In a world where lots of people have multi-hyphenated identities, a whole new language would have to be invented to describe Lynette Louise. She is an artist and an academic, a brainiac and a goofball, a healer and a heat-seeking missile. She is a rock and a free spirit, and most of all, she is the loving mother of an intense, colorful, demanding brood of eight now adult children (five with special needs) and eight grandchildren.

Lynette has been teaching via entertainment since childhood. Writing plays, songs, and sermons that she would perform for local neighborhoods and churches. With an innate desire to inspire people deeply, she has never ever quit! Her books, her one-woman musical comedy show, her musical CDs… all filled with insight, humor, refreshing honesty, and intimate transparency. At once poetic and hard-hitting, Lynette invites you to look at yourself and your world with a newness that reveals possibilities and understanding.


Lynette Louise (aka The Brain Broad) holds two board certifications in Neurofeedback and is working on her Ph.D. in Psychology, with a specialty in Psychophysiology. As a neurofeedback specialist, Lynette Louise is on the cutting edge of treating autism and other brain-related disorders. With extensive training in several disciplines addressing autism and a 20 year personal history of working with her own specialneeds children, Lynette has achieved an expertise that is both scientific and intuitive and is creating miraculous results for her clients.


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