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The Sales Playbook by David I Hill – Business & Sales Best-Seller


The Sales Playbook by David I Hill 

About The Book:

The phone has become the most under leveraged tool in sales. Many salespeople refer to it as the 800lb brick. The Sales Playbook is an easy to apply model that makes calling fun and enjoyable while teaching you how to quickly connect with prospects. Because 70% of sales comes as a result of follow up, The Sales Playbook shares simple systems that turn you into a follow up Ninja. By the end of this book you will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to close more sales and effectively connect with prospects and clients.  


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About The Author:

David Hill is a leading expert on telephone prospecting.  Over the past 28 years, he has worked as a salesperson in numerous industries and depended primarily on the phone to make sales.  When other salespeople have switched to email or social media to reach contacts, David has stayed true to the communication medium of his roots.  In doing so, he’s invested approximately 30,000 hours talking to prospects on the phone, which is equivalent to a triple master’s degree in phone prospecting.
David’s experience selling over the phone started as a kid when he took his first job as a telemarketer.


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