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Globally, only about 9 percent of managing directors and CEOs are women and just about 5 percent of US fortune 500 companies are run by women. For over 40 years, women have continued to flood different places of work, but only a few of them have successfully found their way to the top. We can’t decisively state the effect of gender. However, based on interviews conducted consisting of almost 24 human resource professionals, aspiring chief executives, and chief executives (all females), they have come to conclude that despite working hard for several years and trusting their hard work will one day pay off, granting them passage to earn higher ranks that there is more to the obstacles than meets the eye.
Research has shown that organizations with women as their CEO brings several advantages to their brand, boosting company finance and reputation. But then it has always been a slow rise to the top for women. In this article, we are going to talk about why more and more female CEOs are reaching to the top of the organizations and providing effective leadership.
Women are Empathetic
An empathetic woman understands the people she works with, she knows what inspires them. It comes natural, a great number of women value relationships and are very empathetic.
Women Listen
Women don’t just listen with their ears, they listen with their heart. They are not just good, but great listeners. Instead of immediately reacting to a situation, they take their time to listen well so as to have a good understanding of the situation. This is an exceptional quality because regardless of who’s right or wrong they give their undivided attention and are always there in times of need.
Women are Strong Communicators
One of the strongest gift and skill that women are blessed with. As a female executive, strong communication skills is undeniably crucial in the workplace when communicating with partners, co-workers, etc. They are able to effectively communicate openly and clearly.

Women are Good at Multitasking
Women possess the rare gift of multi-tasking. With firm determination, they quickly respond to lots of tasks simultaneously at a time without ever thinking it’s too much of a problem to handle.
Women Possess High Emotional Intelligence
One highly sought after behavior when considering a leader is the ability to identify emotions in themselves and emotions of others and then be able to relate with it. This trait can be found more in women than men, and it creates a perfect work environment for employees, helping them be the best they can be.
Quite frankly, women are better at leading and with the highlighted points will continue to climb and one day break the glass ceiling totally.  Having to possess such traits seems to give the edge to women however the biggest shift in the past century is in their value system which is the primary cause for the change in order of importance in their lives.  This gradual shift is translating in increasing numbers of women taking more department head positions as we as leadership roles. So, when it comes to performance and sustainability, how do women CEOs compare to their counterparts? I will explain this on my next blog.


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