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The Power of “Simple” in your Life by Kita Szpak

The Power of “Simple” in your Life
by Kita Szpak

The word “simple” can be associated with
different interpretations depending on what is being described as simple. What
is interesting here is the connotation the word takes when applied to things as
opposed to people. Simple things are “straightforward”, “clean”,
“uncluttered”, “easy”, and “uncomplicated”. Simple people are
“unsophisticated”, “lacking intellectually” and sometimes seen to be of
a “lower class” or “socially inept”. In other words, If you’re called
simple, the connotation has a pejorative association, and by extension the idea
of living a simple life can carry the same negative characteristics.
In my research on happiness and what makes people feel fulfilled and content,
the presence of simplicity is huge. And here’s the thing, leading a simple
life is not necessarily giving up life’s comforts, moving into a commune and
growing vegetables although this type of life can manifest happiness if the
individual is choosing this lifestyle. What simplicity in a contented life
represents are the clear-cut choices that are easily made based on a value
system predicated by truth. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of this
fundamental concept, bombarded as we are by layers and layers of cultural
conventions, religious rituals, rules, media influence, consumerism, customs and
societal beliefs.
These layers are the smoke and mirrors of life that can entangle us and lead us
from ourselves. They create the drama – the stuff that plugs up and
complicates our lives to the point where we feel out of control because it’s
been too long since we looked inside to find out who we really are and what we
really are meant to do on this planet.
Truth is not complicated but it is powerful – sometimes so that taking the
step to stop and assess ourselves can be scary. Once aware that your life is
not what you want it to be is the “knowing” that pushes you to go
internally. Some call this “the dark night of the soul”. To get to truth
– to what matters – to what is powerfully simple in life, this inner journey
is necessary. Not for the faint of heart…
The idea that those who live a genuinely simple life are in anyway inept is so
far removed from the reality of what it is to live in truth, that this
unfortunate disconnect has successfully covered up the amazing power of
“simple” in people’s lives. Getting to the core of life: from the
essentials of sleeping, sex, and eating to the more profound of mindfulness,
planning, creating, and loving, these are some of the elements worth exploring
to find out where you stand with yourself, and where you stand with life.
The power of simplicity in your life once you tap into it through uncovering
your truth – what makes you tick – will bring you the fulfillment and
happiness we are all meant to have. Others may call you unsophisticated or
lacking at this point. They may even challenge you on the fact that “you’re
not yourself anymore” and truth be told, that’s exactly what you’ll want
to hear.

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