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The People Diet by Michael Matteo


The People Diet by Michael Matteo

About The Book:

The People Diet is a book that blends the worlds of relationship advice and dieting to form a practical philosophy to help people achieve more balance and harmony in their personal lives.  In addition to advice about how to develop and maintain excellent relationships with family, friends, significant others and co-workers, the books is also a workbook that gives readers an opportunity for self assessment and promotes the idea of healthy relationships as a source of success.



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About The Author:

Michael Matteo is a successful playwright, author, screenwriter and educator.  He currently lives in China where he is an assistant principal at an international school. He has authored 4 books, had several screenplays and stage plays produced and believes that success is a mindset.  His latest produced work is a feature that is being produced by Sony and VH1, a comedy titled: That Time of the Month, which goes into production in July of 2017, and should be in theaters later in the year.  Matteo, didn't just write The People Diet; he lives it every day.


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