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The Next America- The Art of Thrivival by Don Holbrook

The Next America- The Art of Thrivival
by Don Holbrook

The United States has seen some of the most
tumultuous economic upheavals in modern history over the last fifteen years.
The entire world was thrust into a global financial crisis and all out melt down
of the financial markets in 2008. This economic calamity has taken a heavy toll
on the entire world and has impacted negatively almost ninety eight percent of
Americans. The USA has seen the highest percentage of personal bankruptcies and
company failures on record. Nearly seventy percent of American’s have filed for
bankruptcy, forfeited on their primary residence loans and/or lost their jobs.
This has created a huge disconnect with the individuals, families and their
feeling of economic security. Furthermore, their confidence in the government
has been eroded by horrible governmental policies or the lack of them to address
their primary needs and concerns to rebuild their economic stability.

Today the financial markets seem to have recovered but the underlying consumer
confidence is still weak. The availability of capital for new innovations and
even small business expansions are also predominantly absent. The government
has been largely blamed for this failure to reboot our nation and the majority
of that blame is rightfully placed on them. Their inability to lead those
harmed the most through the economic chaos is now fairly well general consensus
amongst our citizens. The economic bailout (TARP) saved the very people that
created the economic chaos, not those harmed by them.

But America is at her core a resilient and innovative melting pot of people, who
believe in the principles of the American Dream. So even though our politicians
failed us, and our financial leaders robbed us and the rest of the world, the
people are finding a new path forward.

This modern time of great economic transition from the global financial crisis
era to the new post financial crisis era, is still an economic and political
landscape of very unpredictable nature. As with all things that assail us and
create a sense of chaos, there are also hidden pearls of opportunity for new

As our nation finds a path through this thicket of economic turmoil we as
individuals will be required to do many things in order to create a new sense of
sustainable prosperity not only for ourselves but also for future generations.
Each of us has an individual responsibility to become advocates for positive
changes in not only our economic situation but most importantly in our
governance and public policies as a nation. Failure to become vocal advocates
for the necessary changes to reboot and rebuild our nation as a republic
governed by law and that provides fair and impartial access to the tools that
can create success is tantamount to abdicating our national heritage to a new
norm of less freedom and less choices and forced compliance to unfair economic
principles. There is no reason to give the self-determination of our nation to
a bunch of incompetent self-serving politicians and their wealthy donor masters.
There is also no reason to allow our nation to drift into a society of
socialism and big government does all and knows all that is in our own
collective best interest. Capitalism is not perfect and it is that imperfection
that makes it the right cure for America.

Capitalism does need regulatory constraint but the market forces decide those
that will survive and those that do not deserve to survive. In order to rebuild
the American Dream we do need a level and fair playing field but we do not need
government subsidies at the expense of our own bank accounts.

If we as individuals do nothing the next generation will inherit a broken USA
system that will inevitably fail and fall into further chaos. In order to move
our nation forward you must understand the simple changes that could rebuild us
on a strong foundation politically, economically and socially and make the USA
once again the lighthouse of opportunity to the world for those that want the
best opportunity for success and freedom from oppressive governments and
religious zealots.

In my 2nd edition, of my book, “The Next America-Learning to Survive and Thrive
in an Unpredictable Economy,” I discuss how to rebuild our nation and keep our
founding principles intact as we do so. It requires that we focus on profound
changes to our way of governing but that we adhere to the principles of
capitalism and address the economic policies that will be the building blocks of
our global financial recovery and continued leadership. During this time
individuals must learn to survive the continued economic chaos that remains on
the horizon and also to build new skill sets and invest in themselves and their
future in a manner that will allow them to thrive in spite of all the
uncertainty. This new American Patriot is well positioned to not only assist in
creating a renewed sense of the American Dream but also to create the economic
stability they also yearn for. All of us as citizens must come to understand
that we cannot sit quietly on the sidelines and allow our nation to erode. We
are all part of the problem or part of the solution. There is no middle ground
in this time of great economic and political uncertainty. Our greatest
accomplishment can be the legacy of making sure the United States remains the
light in the storm that all others seek to emulate. An inspiration to other
nations to build a free society governed by laws and creating fair economic
conditions for their own people’s success. Now is our time to look internally
and create that renewed legacy.

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