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The Money Room by Michelle Brady


The Money Room by Michelle Brady

About The Book:

Michelle Brady has been renting for decades and will teach you how!

If you’ve thought about renting rooms in your home have you also thought about advertising, screening, leases, rent collection and other things that accompany being a landlord?

The Money Room can help.  Ms. Brady has rented rooms way before it was 'trendy' and now teaches how to do it.

Some topics that can be covered
Benefits that can be obtained renting rooms
Interpersonal fortitude needed to share your home
Home arrangements best for rental
Identifying prospects & screening 
Contracts and legal issues, such as lease
Clear rules and expectations
Some of the people who might benefit:  Seniors on fixed incomes, disabled  & single parents who barter room rental for help, college students, singles for security, more

Michelle Brady is very audience interactive, engaging and immediate learning demonstration.  Humor developed over years of presentation is naturally flowing in-context. 
Format options: ​30-60 minute book overview, 1-2 hour breakout, 1/2 day or longer workshops.


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About The Author:

She's been a trainer and college faculty of communications for over three decades, while at the same time renting rooms.  In 2014 she opened Sage Forward Training LLC.  Using her Masters in Counseling and Bachelors in Communications, and an added Adult Training and Development Certificate, she trains adults on financial health and speaking skills.  She's a National Speakers Association (NSA) professional and an Advanced Toastmaster.  Follow her at  


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