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The Marketing Deck by Diane A. Curran


The Marketing Deck by Diane A. Curran
About The Book:

The Marketing Deck is one-of-a-kind magic for anyone who just wants
to run away and play instead of getting serious about their own marketing needs.

Now you can do both at once. Get instant access to hundreds of marketing ideas
while you enjoy the ease of games you know and love, or learn new ones quickly.
It's a book, a deck of cards, and a suite of games. Perfect to play on your
own, for a networking ice-breaker, for team-bonding, or a moment to mix business
and a break.

That first shuffle banishes overwhelm, boredom, or fear of marketing as you reap
the rewards of a wealth of classic to cutting edge tools and techniques in a
relaxed, receptive state of mind.


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Marketing Deck

About The Author:

Steeped in the creative arts from her
earliest memories, Diane A. Curran is equally passionate about the role and
power of marketing as high performance communication. With four decades, and
countless marketing and creative projects for thousands of marketers, hailing
from Boston and long-settled in Los Angeles, she knows the pulse of the good,
the ugly and the extraordinary that evolves and propels marketing’s reach.

The author of The Marketing Deck, she is a consultant, speaker & course
leader in marketing and branding who puts a welcome focus on making marketing


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