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The Life of an Immigrant: A Journey to Success

The Life of an Immigrant: A Journey to Success

This is my memoirs and about my successful life journey: After surviving the ravages of World War II and completing high school with honors, I was unable to continue my college education in my native Philippines because of the lack of funds and opportunities to self-support myself. With the assistance of an uncle, I migrated to America where I self-supported myself through college; got married, found my dream job and settled in Denver, Colorado, USA where my wife and I succeeded in raising our family and careers which led to our comfortable retirement. You, too, can succeed and fulfill your life ambitions if you settle early on your goals and persistently work hard to accomplish them.

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Simsiman, Silvino Van     Author

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  SEL021000          Self-Help : Motivational & Inspirational
  SEL027000          Self-Help : Personal Growth – Success

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