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The Key to Better Business Performance is Controlling Unintended Consequences with Motivational Press Author Richard Franzi


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The Key to Better Business Performance is Controlling Unintended Consequences

Business expert Richard Franzi has worked with outstanding business leaders and firms over his 10-year career as a business advisor, and has seen them build strong
cultures by making good business decisions

Bring Richard Franzi on your show and your listeners will A combination of expert storytelling and a step-by-step model for real change, this book
offers hard-won lessons for every executive, manager and business owner.

• Why the business environment causes unintended consequences to arise
• What are the 3 types of unintended consequences
• How to identify the types as early as possible and take corrective actions
• How to monitor and measure the potential for unintended consequences
• How to improve delegation
• How to build a culture of collaboration
• How to communicate the role of the employees in strategic decisions
• How to improve your Decision EcoSystem™

With this book, Richard Franzi brings strategic decision making out of the realm of theory and into the dramatic world of real people, real problems, and real business challenges leading to
better business performance and higher employee morale.

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