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The Innovators by Pete Winiarski


The Innovators by Pete Winiarski

About The Book:

Lead your company—and your industry—with new insights, strategies and tactics that go beyond evolution to Business Revolution. In this cutting-edge compendium, today’s frontline consultants reveal the latest levels of Leadership, Management, Relationships, Communication, Consulting, Conflict, Customers and Success. All to empower you, too, to be an Innovator. From the moment you open this volume, the contributors—Ilka V. Chavez, Robert Merlin Davis, Yvette Durazo, Sue Franks, Jan Fraser, Dr. David Gruder, Charmaine Hammond, Norma T. Hollis, Dr. Jody Jedlicka, Andy O’Bryan, Laura Rubinstein, Rhoberta Shaler, Kathy Sparrow, Esateys Stuchiner, Terry Wildemann, and James Woeber—will sharpen the way you think about your business and accelerate your success.


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About The Author:

please see bio from The Ultimate Game Plan


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