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The First Time Real Estate Investor Book by Michael Wolf

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The First Time Real Estate Investor
Book by Michael Wolf

About The Book:

The First Time Real Estate Investor Book teaches you the IDEAL way to
purchase investment real estate. The book identifies WHO real estate investment
is meant for, WHAT types of real estate investments there are out there, and WHY
real estate investment is beneficial and correctly timed for today’s
marketplace. It identifies WHERE the best places to focus your investment energy
and WHEN to capitalize on investment opportunities.

The book takes you through each stage of this process, step-by-step, in an
easy-to-follow and down-to-earth chronological method for quick learning by any
reader looking to enhance their real estate knowledge and increase success in
the investment real estate world.

The First Time Real Estate Investor Book takes you from A-to-Z in terms of
getting familiar with the key concepts and lingo within the investment real
estate industry, and easily applies them with a multitude of real life examples
to get a global understanding of how to win with investment real estate. Not
only will you learn how to correctly analyze and compare a good deal from a bad
one, you’ll be taken through each stage of a real estate deal from the finding
and offering stage to the closing table and getting the place rented.

Most wealthy people in the world allocate at least some of their assets for
wealth preservation and accumulation in the form of investment real estate, and
you should too. Read the First Time Real Estate Investor Book – it’ll help you
get on a faster track for success in becoming independently wealthy through
investment real estate.


About The

For nearly a decade I’ve been blessed to
live my passion as a professional Realtor helping my clients buy, sell and
invest in real estate. Along with my wife Jessica, I co-founded The Wolf Real
Estate Group in 2006. Together, it has been our commitment to support our
clients with accurate information and knowledge that will help them make good
choices with their investments.
In working with many of our first-time home buyers, I was compelled to help
offer them the information they need to make good decisions and avoid pitfalls
when buying their first home. “The First Time Homebuyer Book” is the premier
book to help guide first time homebuyers with the biggest purchase decision of
their lives.
Being able to educate through my writing gives me the opportunity to give back
and usher in fresh positive perspectives for the future buyers of Real Estate.
It is so rewarding to empower my clients and offer my expertise and knowledge to
them. I believe our future is bright and I am passionate about doing my part to
empower people one relationship at a time.

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