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[]The Fabric of Life Ripped  Hate Distorts Us All     by Tresté Loving


The Fabric of Life Ripped  Hate Distorts Us All     by Tresté Loving

About The Book:

A compilation of true stories of having conversations with racists and the things I learned.  These were while I was in the Navy.  The information in timely.

The rest of the book is from my experience as Equal Opportunity Advisor/Diversity Officer.  Some of this information is also from the Navvy but they are applicable to anyone anywhere.


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About The Author:

Tresté Loving is a decorated Navy Veteran with over 25 years of Diversity & Inclusion experience. She has trained over 76,000 people across the globe to overcome divisive tendencies. Tresté credits her ability to manage racially-charged situations to her time spent on an Aircraft Carrier — when she met with and worked to help, self-bonafide racists. After receiving the admirable Meritorious Service Medal, her expertise was utilized to draft the Department of the Navy’s first Diversity Policy. Tresté’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business, as well as an Equal Opportunity/Diversity Officer designation.She currently provides training to law enforcement professionals throughout the country, helping them operate more cohesively with one another and the communities they serve. Tresté resides in Upstate NY with her husband Scott.


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