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The Energy Code by Elisabetta L. Faenza

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The Energy Code by Elisabetta L.

About The Book:

Ever noticed the mood you wake up with in the morning can have an
effect on your whole day?  Ever wondered if maybe how you felt when you
woke up actually created the events of your day, that somehow your inside was
affecting your outside? Ever wished you could change?
This book is all about providing you with the answers.
In The Energy Code, Elisabetta L. Faenza shares the compelling science behind
mood, energy and performance and provides some common sense tools to help make
the most of our genetic and energetic potential. But don’t be fooled, this is
no dry science primer, or head-in-the-clouds self-help book. Elisabetta has the
knack of taking complex science and explaining it in a way that is compelling,
easy to understand and practical.

Drawing on her 30 years of experience as an international speaker, trainer,
consultant, and performance expert, Elisabetta makes sense of the latest
scientific breakthroughs coming from quantum biology, peptide chemistry and
neuroscience and reveals how this information can improve your health and
performance in all areas of your life.
Elisabetta will share with you:
• how to utilize the way your mind and body works to overcome any unwanted
• the 16 Personality States and how they influence brain function, focus and
energy levels
• the 4 Modes of Performance and how to harness them to be more productive
• the 7 keys to activating your DNA and how these can improve performance


About The

Elisabetta is one of those individuals who spans the world of science and
business, with a key understanding of what makes people tick and how to bring
the best out in them. A highly creative thinker, Elisabetta’s ideas will help
you stay ahead of the competition by getting more out of your existing resources
and fostering innovation.

Elisabetta is the author of The Infidel (2013), and the soon to be released
sequel – Veritas (2014), the musical D’Arc – The Legend of Saint Joan (1998),
and non-fiction self-help books – The Energy Bucket (2010) and The Energy Code

Elisabetta has a BA in Modern Languages and Psychology, a Masters of
International Relations, and is a Master Trainer, Personality Profiler and
Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 23 years experience.

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