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Ten Faith Based Leadership Nuggets for Ministry Leaders by Fay Maureen Butler

Ten Faith Based Leadership Nuggets for Ministry Leaders by Fay Maureen Butler


Ten Faith Based Leadership Nuggets for
Ministry Leaders by Fay Maureen Butler

Ten Faith Based Leadership Nuggets for
Ministry Leaders….From the Desk of #drfaymaureen

These leadership nuggets were created based on my ministry experiences. Raised
in a Christian home, I was thrust into leadership roles at a young age. Through
trial, error, teaching and training, I have found that understanding and
applying these nuggets were invaluable to me…

Leadership Nugget #1..Jesus had many disciples but his inner circle was three

Leadership Nugget #2….Gehazi was a good servant to the Prophet Elisha, but
overstepped his boundaries. He became too familiar with sacred things which led
to his presumptuous actions……HE LIED TO THE PROPHET and he became a
leper….Likewise, Joab was one of King David’s mighty men but he shed the blood
of war in peace. (2kings 5, 1 Kings 2) PRAY THAT GOD EXPOSE the ambitious
spirit of Gehazi and rebellious/stubborn spirit of Joab, if they are in your
inner circle so it can be handled correctly before it goes too far.
Leadership Nugget# 3…..I learned I didn’t have to respond to every comment.

Leaders, You will be wounded by someone close to you. Never respond in the
immediate aftermath of the act. Follow these three suggestions…1. Ask God to
help and to heal you (He healeth the broken in heart and bindeth up their
wounds) 2. Take the high road even if it requires that you step away or stand
back from the previous relationship 3. Soldier on…

Leadership Nugget #5 Future leaders serve where needed and are willing to share
their skills and talents. Use wisdom, listen and be silent, be a team player,
your time to Coach will come.

Leadership Nugget #6- Sometimes actions of a “few” cause great harm to many.
When you know that there are certain actions that will cause the
“many”. Take a Stand .. Your Standing for the right things even if unpopular,
may prevent a bigger calamity later, for all.

Leadership Nugget #7 Leader Shift means ….When Leaders have been shifted to do
above and beyond what they asked or thought,………because of the power within
, their faith and their steadfastness even when others mocked the prophetic

Leadership Nugget #8..Leaders…be comfortable with transition and change. Those
who start with you may not be the ones to build with you. God allows pauses and
detours…TRUST Him! Through it all, God knows the way you take and WHERE HE
Leadership Nugget # 9-There will be some who think you are not qualified to
lead…What they don’t know and have not seen is your total body of work. It is
amazing how people make judgments and draw conclusions……Smile and take the
high road, those years of you directing or playing for the choir, leading the
youth department, serving as an usher, teaching Sunday school, planning
trips…etc…You were in leadership training since you can remember…so smile
and pray for them…LEAD ON!

Leadership Nugget #10-Never underestimate a person who is meek, patient, or has
a quiet spirit…. who may cherish moments of silence, possess an even
disposition and who is generally collaborative….for WEAKNESS OR STUPIDITY….
Be careful, they tend to be ferocious, gritty, have great endurance and never
quit. …

Dr Fay Maureen Butler
Dr. Fay Maureen Butler is a Social Media Strategist for Ministries, Pastor,
Author, Ministry President and Web Radio Hostess.


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