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Take stress from chaos to calm by Annika Sorensen

Take stress from chaos to calm by Annika Sorensen

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Take stress from chaos to calm
by Annika Sorensen

About The Book:

“Take stress from chaos to calm” is a new workbook on stress
dedicated to leaders of companies and corporate executives. They have long been
known to have a difficult time dealing with stress. It often takes its toll in
mental as well as physical problems. Stress has been called the silent killer
and for good reason. There must be a way to not only cope with the effects of
stress, but change the way a person manages it. And this book is just what the
doctor ordered.

Dr. Annika demonstrates that there is a better way. She presents an easy to
understand plan to climb up from the depth of stress, into the heights of
happiness with a little help, a surefire treatment methodology. Inside the pages
of “Take Stress From Chaos To Calm: Pulling The Pieces Together”, the reader
will learn about “The Wheel of Life”, which includes eight key areas:
Personal Development, Health, Work, Money, Networks, Intimacy, Free
Time/Hobbies, and the Surroundings.

In this book Dr. Annika “holds your hand” and provides exercises and
workbook type tasks that challenge the imagination, and triggers a close look
into your own mind. The book tracks a Case History and shows that “There is

Dr Annika´s book has already received excellent reviews from several top
reviewers and regarded as “A Must Read” and also getting scored “Reviewer
Top Pick” by Night Owl Reviewers.


About The

Dr Annika is a medical doctor, specialized
in family medicine and health promotion and strategies. She has practiced in the
Public Health System in Sweden for 25+ years helping thousands of patients with
stress and stress related issues.

During the last few years, she has changed her focus from disease to health,
with an emphasis on stress, health promotion, work assessment and other business
related issues.

Today she is the CEO and runs in her own company, and she
mentors business professionals, mostly executives and other leaders, she does
workshops and events and she is a popular public speaker in stress related
subjects and she is an author.

She offers her services in her office in Sweden, in your office or via Skype for
her worldwide clients.


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