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Motivational Press  Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Want to be an Motivational Press author? Follow these easy submission guidelines and you’re one step closer to making your dreams come true of becoming a Motivational Press Published Author.

Motivational Press is looking for manuscript submissions in the following genres: business, leadership, sales, personal development, transformational, health and wellness, personal finance, youth, teen, and success

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Submissions FAQ

I’m an agent. Should I use this to submit my client’s manuscript?
No, these submission guidelines are for authors only. Agents should pitch and submit projects in the usual fashion. If you are a new agent to Motivational Press’ team, feel free to email us at for additional submission information.

How long does my book need to be?
We are looking for manuscript submissions of all lengths, from short stories to full length books, and anything in between.

What font/margin/size should I use?
Your formatting choices are up to you. As long as your manuscript is readable, it’s acceptable.

Which editor should I address my submission to?
There is no need to specify an editor. However, if you have a past relationship with someone on the Motivational Press team, or one of our editors specifically requested you submit your manuscript, please note that on the submission form.

Do I need to specify which Motivational Press imprint I am submitting to?
No, all submissions are vetted by the same team of Motivational Press editors, who will decide which imprint is the best fit.

How long will you take to respond?
Due to the volume of submissions, we will only be able to contact you if your project is the right fit. If you have not received a response in three months time, unfortunately your project wasn’t right for our current list.

Will you accept manuscript even if the genre isn’t listed above?

Click here to submit your unsolicited manuscript to Motivational Press Please complete the Motivational Press Publishing Application