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Standing Ovation Presentations by Robyn Hatcher

Standing Ovation Presentations
by Robyn Hatcher

About The Book:

Being aware of how you communicate is critical for personal success.
Standing Ovation Presentations will teach you how to powerfully lead a meeting,
make the sale or conduct a successful presentation.

Robyn Hatcher, a communications expert for the past 17 years and former actor,
has combined the two worlds of acting and public speaking to formulate a
creatively entertaining concept known as “ActorTypes.”

Like actors on the stage, we all embody a dominant ActorType, which can be
working for or against us. ActorTypes, are based on nine character types you see
every day in movies and on TV; the Hero, Villain, Super Hero, Ingenue, Sex
Symbol, Comic, Whiz Kid, Buddy & Curmudgeon. In Standing Ovation Presentations,
Robyn unveils the nine “ActorTypes” and encourages readers to identify their
own individual style.

The book offers practical, easy to follow tips and guidelines on everything from
eye- contact and body language to content and organization. Readers learn how to
turn presentations, whether on stage or in the office, into something listeners
will never forget!


About The

Robyn Hatcher is a former actor and
communication/ presentation skills expert. Over the course of her 17-year
career, Robyn has helped thousands of business professionals improve their
presentations; interviews & interpersonal communication.
Her clients include C-suite executives; entrepreneurs; academics; human
services professionals and others. Her book, Standing Ovation Presentations,
(Motivational Press, 2013) combines the worlds of acting and public speaking to
create the entertaining concept; ActorTypes – 9 style-types we embody in our
communication and presentations.

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