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SOUL WOUNDS by Sharron Magyar


                   By Sharron Magyar

Are you or have you ever known someone who is stuck in life? No matter how much an individual wants to move forward or make life changes they keep repeating the same painful behavior over and over again. Or sometimes life is painful because of circumstances out of a person’s control.  Reading all kinds of self help books about intention, the law of attraction can sometimes make a person disappointed because they just “can’t make it happen”? Kick me if you want, but I am a pragmatist who has been through the fire of life and the reality is that all of us carry baggage which must be released if we want to draw a good life to ourselves. Some people are aware of their baggage and others do not have a clue; wherever you are, you are.  Being stuck in life is often a result of soul wounds that reside in the subconscious mind. It is through the soul that we have inherent creative power which enables us to live a joyous life.

The soul consists of your mind, will and emotions retaining all memories and experiences of both your current life as well as previous lives. It is the focus of the divine immortal spirit acquired at birth, which survives after death.

The soul gathers life experiences that can nourish or damage it, resulting in an accumulation or loss of personal will and power. A person can generally recognize when they are gaining power by the positive attitude and success present in their life. However, frequently we are unaware of our power loss because it often happens gradually. All people have experienced a degree of soul loss.

For some, soul loss heals quickly and easily. For others, it has devastating effects from which it can be difficult to recover. Soul loss can diminish a person’s ability to function on one or more levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Soul wounds have the power to derail your life and make you say and do things that drive you crazy. “Where did that behavior come from?” “Why can’t I change it?” They are a disconnection with personal power and with Spirit. When you carry a soul wound all your contributions, interactions and outcomes are filtered through those wounds. Different events will be presented to you to bring you to an awareness of your wounds so that you may heal them.


How do you know you are carrying a soul wound? Soul wounds can be recognized through the words people say. People with soul wounds often say:

  • “I feel like _______ stole my soul.”
  • “Part of me died when ________.”
  • “I feel like I am not whole.”
  • “I feel like I am in a dark hole.”
  • “I haven’t felt the same since ________happened.”
  • “I am numb or empty.”
  • “I have a broken heart.”

There are many ways a soul wound can become embedded in your subconscious mind. Following is a short list of common soul wounds:

  • Soul wounds through any threat to your physical existence.
  • Soul wounds through any kind of abuse.
  • Soul wounds through soul stealing and domination.
  • Soul wounds through relationships.
  • Soul wounds through addiction.
  • Soul wounds through past life carryovers.

What keeps us stuck in soul wounds? Often, it is our resistance to change. Virginia Satir noted the strongest instinct in human beings is the instinct to keep things familiar. Because familiarity makes us feel secure, we may continually repeat behavior even if it has negative consequences.

Learning about and releasing soul wounds can change your life for the better. You will be able to leave your limiting beliefs and behavior behind. What is that one thing that just keeps nagging you in life every day? Is it heartache, grief, sadness, negative thoughts or negative self talk, or even something un-nameable? Identifying your soul wounds can open the door to dramatic healing and freedom.

Written by Justin