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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue will Forever Be…Evergreen by Jenny Triplett

Something Old, Something New, Something
Borrowed, Something Blue will Forever Be…Evergreen by Jenny

As Seen on Huffington Post

Whenever I hear that someone is getting married, I can’t help but gush and say
“aww, that’s so sweet.” Even with learning of the recent news this past
week of superstar diva Tina Turner about to marry again at age 73, my cheeks
instantly rose to a smile and my eyes almost teared as I became emotional. It
just goes to show you that love is ageless and marriage is timeless.

The traditions of marriage are what you make them but the ones with sympathetic
meaning are truly classics. As a little girl who dreamed of a big wedding, I
would often stencil out what I would use for the wedding traditions that I grew
up knowing and adored – something old, something new, something borrowed and
something blue.

Something old would be covered by my mother or grandmother. I was thinking a
piece of jewelry that would be sufficient. If either one of them would have
asked me to wear their wedding dresses, I may have had to use myself as being
old because I would have aged several years trying to find the right way to tell
them “I decline.”

Something new would be covered by me because even as a little girl I was a black
belt shopper. I’m sure I would have found a nice headpiece or pair of shoes
that would qualify. The sheer fun of shopping is a part of the experience and
the actual find would be a showstopper.

Something borrowed of course would come from my maid of honor. My BFF at the
time of my daydream wedding was full of eccentrics and I’m sure she would have
something out of the ordinary for me to wear for a few hours. That I could count

Something blue would have been encased in my bouquet of lilies with a nice bow
or accent piece so that it would stand out as I strolled down the aisle and in
the thousands of pictures that were going to be a must by my professional
photographer and amateurs alike.

There it was. I had it all planned out by the age of 12 and tweaked it every now
and again for good measure. Well, the time for marriage came quickly in my life.
It wasn’t a shotgun wedding but it was definitely on the hush. In effort to
honor the commitment, that little girl that did all of the daydream
planning…eloped. The dream wedding was over in my mind and pushed into long
term memory in a matter of minutes.

Fortunately, there were no regrets. Plenty of conversations about what we did,
why we did it, and how we did it, but no hard feelings for the decisions that
were made. And now, as I approach my 25th wedding anniversary in a few years,
the 12 year old little girl that still lives inside of me has pulled back out
that piece of paper.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…mom and
grandma are long gone but the classic traditions are evergreen.

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