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So What If I’m 65 by Bob Weinstein

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So What If I’m 65

So What If I’m 65 by Bob

About The Book:

Find out why baby boomers — the largest, wealthiest, best-educated
generation in U.S. history — can’t afford to retire.
Victimized by stereotypes, misinformation and an ageist, youth-obsessed culture,
qualified boomers are barred from jobs because of their age.

Edgy and brutally honest, So What If I’m 65 explains why boomers can’t
retire, and how they can land jobs.
Finally, a hard-hitting, introspective, candid and information-rich guide full
of tips and insider advice. A career and life guide for the millions of
qualified 50- and 60-plus job candidates.


About The

Bob Weinstein has built a career as a
journalist, writer, author and syndicated columnist. He’s written more than a
dozen books about the workplace, published by major publishers such as Simon &
Schuster, Macmillan, McGraw-Hill, HarperCollins and Henry Holt. He created Tech
Watch, the first weekly syndicated technology career column, which was
distributed by King Features (the Hearst Corp.) to large daily newspapers
throughout the United States. He’s written hundreds of articles and columns
published in newspapers, magazines and websites throughout North


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So What If I’m 65][category Books

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