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So Long Summer by Teresa Herbic


So Long Summer by Teresa Herbic
About The Book:

So Long Summer is an inspiring story of youth and the essential bonds
of friendship. Meet Madison, a teenager, who travels with her family to the
ideal summer place each year. There, she meets a stormy Miss Macey. The two form
an instant connection. Macey struggles with the temptations of drugs, alcohol
and unhealthy relationships.

With concerns of her own and darkness looming, Madison seeks the hope and light
of God. As their lives intertwine and Madison begins to meet other encouraging
people along the way, summer bridges the gap between friends and
hopefulness—life and escaping despair.

The teens become ladies who can now uncover a faith as remarkable as summer
itself. In the midst, Madison meets a special love interest. Could West be the
one? As summer fills your spirit, may this book remind you of important and
enduring friendships —some last forever and some remain only in the heart.
 Regardless, all bring us pure joy, precious memories and powerful lessons
of life, family and love. For, what would we do without the friendships of a
lifetime and the courage to face new tomorrows?


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About The Author:

Teresa Herbic is advisor and co-founder of
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church’s Families for Adoption, an international and
domestic adoption, foster, and orphan care network. She is the author of So Long
Summer, as well as Family Prayer Made Easy: A Practical Guide for Praying
Together and two children’s books about adoption, Cat Tales and Dog Tales. She
has written devotional material for David C. Cook’s The Quiet Hour, and
numerous newspaper and magazine articles. She is a Menn Thorpe Award for
Literary Excellence Nominee for 2015 and was previously honored in 2014. She
lives with her husband, Galen, and their teenage children, Meyana and Braxten,
in San Antonio, Texas.


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