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Smiles from the Clinic: A humorous look at cancer by Rajiv Samant

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Smiles from the Clinic: A humorous
look at cancer by Rajiv Samant

About The Book:

This is a cartoon book meant for cancer patients, their friends and
families, health care professionals and anyone else who has been touched by
cancer.   It shows that humor is all around us, even with a diagnosis of
We use humor and smiles to deal with stress in our daily lives, and I believe
that these approaches (where appropriate) should be used when dealing with
cancer patients as well.  All the stories shown in the book are based on my
real life experiences…..(Dr.) Rajiv Samant


About The

Rajiv was born in India, came to Canada as a
young child and grew up in various parts of the country. He spent most of his
youth in Nova Scotia.  Gentle prodding from his loving (and typically
conventional) Indian immigrant parents not surprisingly led him to enter in
medical school at Dalhousie University in Halifax in 1984.  Having
completed medical school in 1988, Rajiv started training as a radiation
oncologist in 1989.  He has been a cancer specialist for over 22 years and
worked at several cancer centers across the country.  At present, he lives
with his children in Ottawa where he practices as a Radiation Oncologist.
 He continues to see patients at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, and
teaches in the Faculty of Medicine at the University in Ottawa (Canada).
 As a teacher, educator and researcher interested in improving how we deal
and communicate with patients and their families, Rajiv believes patients need
to be treated on an individual basis with dignity, respect and kindness as well
as with a good dose of humour where circumstances allow for levity to enter a
too often serious world.

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