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Self Esteem Secrets by Karl Perera

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Self esteem Secrets by Karl

About The Book:

Can You Imagine How Your Life Would Change If You Had Sky-High
Confidence and Self-Esteem?

In this book you’ll discover how to transform your life, build your self-esteem
and create a level of self worth you couldn’t have imagined.

· Discover simple, easy to remember tactics to skyrocket your self-esteem.

· Feel empowered to conquer your fear of new challenges.

· Make friends more easily, and keep them.

· Easily achieve any goal you set for yourself.

· Discover your strengths while redefining your weaknesses.

· And much, much more…


About The

Karl writes his books for those looking to
improve their lives: people from all walks of life looking to overcome common
life problems such as low self esteem and lack of confidence, depression and
those needing inspiration and motivation.

His writing is different from most other self help authors because it is written
in a clear and personal way that is extremely easy to follow.

Because Karl knows from personal experience the pain of low self esteem and
depression, he is able to give realistic strategies and is honest in what he
promises you.

In his spare time Karl lives with his family in England and Turkey, and enjoys
windsurfing and snowboarding, traveling, reading, and bending the rules of
several languages he speaks (Spanish, Italian and Turkish).

Karl also runs several successful websites about self esteem and depression and
is a fully qualified English Language teacher.


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