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Secrets of a Zen Millionaire by David Ryback

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Secrets of a Zen Millionaire
by David Ryback

About The Book:

The purpose of this book is to offer savvy men and women the
possibility of shifting from a consumer-oriented lifestyle of increasing debt to
one of elegant simplicity, allowing for the accumulation of sufficient funds to
invest in their own homes. This groundbreaking Book will reveal:

* The Zen “secret” to wealth—earning from 20% to 100% a year on real
estate investments.

* How to live simply and save money while enjoying life even more by paying less
for rent, food, clothes, car, travel, entertainment and insurance costs.

* How to become sufficiently knowledgeable about an “adopted”
neighborhood to make a wise choice on first investment homes.

* Proven techniques for negotiating the lowest price.

* Creative options such as coordinating the interests of “working”
tenants and passive investors to create a win-win, no-money-down proposition.

* How to select the best tenants who can make management become virtually hassle

Features (Unique Benefits Offered by the Book):


1. How to use the philosophy of Zen simplicity to enjoy a lifestyle of savings
for real estate investment.

2. How to own and drive a Mercedes for years with little or no cost.

3. How to enjoy free international cruises.

4. How to throw a great party at no cost.

5. How to stay warm in cold weather without raising your utility bills.

6. How to acquire your down payment by brown-bagging your lunches.


7. How to modify a sales contract so it binds only the seller, but not you.

8. How to become master of your chosen neighborhood.

9. How to lower the price by using a “killer” inspector.

10. How to use a “Colombo” maneuver to get through a stalemate in the
negotiation process.

Increasing Your Profits:

11. How to get partners to provide the money and “sweat equity” while
you do no more than coordinate the deal and help everyone be a winner.

12. How to partner with parents of college students, resulting in a win-win
situation: They get their college bills paid; you make money.

13. How to get the best, trouble-free tenants.

14. How to get tenants to improve the property—for free.


About The

Dr. David Ryback is an active member of the
National Speakers Association (invited to present on the topic of power on the
platform at their annual convention) and has been recognized as a Quebec
Scholar.  Butterworth-Heinemann released his book, Putting Emotional
Intelligence to Work, already in its second printing and translated into
Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. Doubleday published his book, Dreams That Come
True, in paperback by Ivy, and published separately in England, France, Germany,
Italy, Spain, Norway, and Finland.  It has just been translated into
Japanese and re-issued in Germany. In 2010, McGraw-Hill published his most
recent book, ConnectAbility.

David is co-author of Therapeutic Approaches in Theravada Buddhism and
Existentialism.  He had a monthly column in Speaker, the monthly magazine
of the National Speakers Association, reaching over 5,000 of the world’s most
influential speakers, and one in Business to Business magazine.  His most
recent article in Speaker was in its June, 2015 issue

David owns over a dozen properties that he acquired over time. His net worth of
well over $2,000,000 is the result of the Zen lifestyle and techniques he shares
in this book.

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