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Roanne van Voorst

Roanne van Voorst

Motivation Speaker


-How to meet your goals under challenging circumstances; lesson's from extreme athletes
-Overcoming fear, anxiety, stress or self-doubt
-Evidence-based strategies for succes
– Courage
– How to become braver

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Speaker Bio:

Roanne van Voorst is an anthropologist and published book author, who has been doing research on risk behaviour and fear management for over 7 years. She obtained her PhD with honors in 2014; since then, her work was translated into Dutch, Indonesian, and German. Roanne is also the founder of Fearlessly Fearful – an E-course that learns people to become braver and overcome fears.

Previous Speaking Gigs

Better Future
Dutch government – Water & Infrastructure department
National Defense Center
International Institute for Social Studies


Michel Barth, CEO Better Future (New York, Austerlitz & Delhi) "Roanne is able to bring across a message that resonates deeply with an audience. She makes the themed of fear and its opposite, freedom, concrete and relevant to each and all. She provided the audience with practical tools to overcome fears. Her presentation was more than just a talk – it was a complete training! "

Diederik Veerman, programmer MUSEON: "The 200 attendees were sucked into Roanne's story from the start. We immediately booked her again."

Patrick Baars, coordinator NKBV events: "Our largest room was packed after we had booked Roanne, and people were so inspired after her story on fear and succes that she was busy for an hour or so afterwards to answer all of the questions from the audience! It was a great succes."


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