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Revolution America by Erin Cruz


Revolution America by Erin Cruz

About The Book:

Today’s conservative woman leads the revolution of modern conservatism on multiple fronts and is faced with situational dynamics that are unprecedented. The current divided political climate in America demands a savvy, soft, and pliable approach by the conservative woman in every facet of her life.

Revolution America encourages political and social interaction among conservative women using new ways of thinking and approaching political issues.  Also, by providing examples and tools as well as valuable skill sets for women and men alike, the book presents current events in a focused format of a conservative woman. As a result of reading Revolution America, you will have a more balanced view of important political topics not usually found in the world media.

Applying and mastering the techniques used in Revolution America will help foster the change we desperately need to restore the American family, followed by restoration of the Republic.


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About The Author:

Erin Cruz has dedicated the last decade to bring a conversation to the American Citizenry. She is known for her commentary, strategy, and analysis of multiple areas, with focus on conservative politics. Her political leanings are freedom based. She is a constitutional conservative with a strong dose of sobering libertarian leanings.

Erin's professional background covers, from the ground up, all areas of small and large business operations and administration in the private sector, as well as a solid stretch in academia covering safety and facilities management, business administration, accounting, payroll, personnel management, specialized and international human resources, domestic and international relations, with her favorite area of focus being domestic and international policy analysis and interpretation.


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