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Realign to A Uniquely Inspired Business Model

Realign to A Uniquely Inspired Business Model


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Elinor Stutz, CEO of

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Realign to a Uniquely Inspired Business

 “We possess the ability to become what our mind envisions”

 Life sometimes throws each of us a curve ball or worse yet, a dark moment.  How we deal with these unwelcome events may change the course of our business and possibly our life.

My own dark moments had me reviewing where I was and the many ways in which I could improve my style, as there was one missing element.  It was with good fortune I am able to share my story and insights to hopefully encourage you on your journey.

I was at a red light ready to have a “me” day, but that all changed in an instant.   I was waiting for a red light to turn green to proceed, but my car was plowed into at full speed.  Ten years of periodic neck pain was all mine as no doctor wanted to undertake the liability of seeing me paralyzed.  Then one night, on a slick road, our family car skidded into a lamppost, I was heard saying, “You better call an ambulance.”  At first, fear entered my mind that this would be my last ride.  But I caught myself and from that point forward positive thinking became my mantra.  And, I quickly embraced the meaning of, “seize the day.”

A positive mindset is the number one tool to get you to where you wish to be and make dreams come true.  Statistics are established only until you decide to raise the bar yourself.  Continuing my story, the entire medical staff believed I would finally be paralyzed, but not me.  My thought became, “Opportunity exists wherever you seek it out.”  It was on the stretcher waiting to be admitted to the hospital where two visions clearly outlined where I was at that moment and where I was to be headed.  It became my turn to seize the day.

My dark moment turned out to be the best experience of my life because I recognized a better path for building business and living life.  As time passed, and my business built, I met many similar minded others who were making great strides in their business.  My close network had significantly changed, and for the first time, encouraged me to go further than I ever thought possible.

Here is my discovery of how very successful entrepreneurs work:

–       Seek opportunity everywhere
In my case, a brain surgeon asked if I would grant him permission to do an experiment on my spine prior to surgery.  Wild with excitement that a brain surgeon wanted to work on me, I emphatically said, “Yes!”

–       Invite Help
Push ego aside on the occasion doubt clouds your mind.  Ask others how they achieved their success.  Answers will pour forth!

–       Collaborate
Do you trust others?  In the corporate sales arena, we quickly learned to never share our secrets for success in order to earn the cherished trips.  Entrepreneurship taught me we are each unique individuals eliminating the idea of competition.  Collaboration with similar minded others exponentially extends your audience reach.

–       Persevere
Thomas Edison is the best example as he persevered through hundreds if not thousands of ways to perfect the light bulb until finally, the light came on!

–       Ask for the sale

Fear of asking for what you desire badly affects progress.  By working to help solve business problems, building relationships, and having a free exchange of ideas with your clientele, make asking for the sale a natural conclusion to the conversation.

–       Serve others
The good fortune was mine upon interviewing individuals who faced having lost everything held dear to them. I learned they used their loss in the most positive way – they served others. Everyone involved benefitted.

Over time, I recognized success is dependent upon how you care for your mind, body and spirit.  As you recognize your values and principles for doing business and remain true, you build your authentic brand.  Just as your exercise your mind through reflection and working on a roadmap toward your long-term vision, your body requires exercise too.  Together they re-invigorate your spirit.

My personal healing from surgery was not only mind and body, but of spirit too.  I came to realize helping others may simply mean reaching out to those following in your footsteps to teach what you have found to work best.

These principles and more, applied to business development, may be found in Stutz’ new book, INSPIRED Business A New Vision for Building Business and Communities.  The tagline is, “Believe, Become, Empower.”  It is the author’s suggestion that together we may bring about societal change by improving communities everywhere.  And, the more thought we put into conducting an INSPIRED Business, the better a legacy will be left for future generations.


Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, (800) 704-1499; authored “INSPIRED Business A New View for Building Business and Communities”;   “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results”,  and “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews.  Elinor was designated as a “Top 25 Sales Influencer for 2012.”  Visit



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