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Prime Threat – Shattering the Power of Addiction by Joan Peck


Prime Threat – Shattering the Power of Addiction by Joan Peck

About The Book:

We DON’T DIE! PRIME THREAT- shattering the power of addiction consists of haunting, channeled conversations filled with obvious love and affection between a mother and her son, Jay, (who overdosed and died) as they seek answers to the same questions any of us have who have lost a loved one to addiction.  What would have made a difference?  How did it get to that point?  What is addiction, really? Did you enter this lifetime addicted?  What are you doing now to be without addictions next lifetime?  Can you share some of your lifetimes of addiction?  Where does addiction live?  How can we live without addiction?  Why are we even here?
PRIME THREAT is filled with exciting, new spiritual information that many of us here on earth have been eagerly awaiting.  It is information that explains how addiction works and gives a clear picture of how addictions have so easily become a pandemic within our society and across the globe.  Overdosing is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, accounting for more deaths than traffic fatalities or gun homicides and suicides.  It is way out of control and needs to be addressed so that it doesn’t become part of our DNA and change the lives of all children who will be coming into our world.  The time is now to understand how addiction works and shatter its power.  Can we live addiction free?  YES, it is possible.  Jay shows us the way!


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About The Author:

Having come from a family who loved to read all categories of books, it is no surprise that Joan wanted to write – just not the way it began.  After watching her son struggle with addictions from early childhood until his death at the age of 36, Joan was driven to know how his addictions began and why his life ended up the way it did.  Working with her son, Jay, from the other side, and asking all the questions she wanted answered, she now shares with you their loving true account of his many lifetimes of addictions and shows you how it is possible to live without addictions now.
On her journey to open herself up to receive this information, Joan left her more than 20 years in corporate America and went back to her spiritual roots.  In the process, she wrote two books on the seven major chakras and a third book – an anthology with 28 different spiritual healers and their spiritual modalities.
She lives with her dog, Sweet Pea, in Henderson, Nevada.


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