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Precise Leaders Get Results by Paul Thornton


Precise Leaders Get Results by Paul Thornton

About The Book:

Throughout my career, I have observed, studied, and interviewed many successful leaders. My goal all along has been to identify what the best leaders do to bring about positive changes. Here's what I discovered. All the great leaders have a precise understanding of three things:

1. The context or environment–they face reality. They see both the problems and opportunities.  

2. Themselves—they know who they are and what they believe. They are clear on their mission and priorities.  

3. The interaction—they know what to do to connect with people and make a positive impact.  

This book will help each reader find precise answers to some basic questions related to the three items mentioned above.  

Bottom line–precise leaders are more successful when it comes to inspiring others and implementing positive changes.


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About The Author:

Paul B. Thornton, is an author, trainer, speaker, and professor of business administration at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, Massachusetts. He teaches the following courses:
• Principles of Management
• Principles of Leadership
• Organizational Behavior

In 2015, he was the recipient of the Joseph J. Deliso, Sr., Endowed Chair.    

Paul has designed and conducted management and leadership programs for Palmer Foundry, UMASS Medical School, Mercy Health Systems, Kuwait Oil Corporation, Human Services Forum, Sunshine Village, and United Technologies Corporation. Over his career he has provided leadership training for over 10,000 supervisors and managers.

Earlier in his career, he worked at the Hamilton Standard division of United Technologies in primarily two roles:
• Manager, Human Resources & Consultant
• Manager, Management Training and Development

On two occasions, he received a United Technologies Award for Extraordinary Management Effectiveness.

His articles have appeared in NY Daily News, The Leader-to-Leader Journal, Management Review, Leadership Excellence, The Toastmaster, USA Today, and The CEO Refresher. Paul’s books include Precise Leaders Get Results, Leadership—Off the Wall, and Leadership-Best Advice I Ever Got.


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