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Positive Talk Back by Delvenia Fairbanks

Positive Talk Back by Delvenia Fairbanks

It’s never too late to pick up a weird habit like talking to yourself. Self-talk is an inner monologue that you have in the privacy of your subconscious mind. Most of your self-talk may be positive but often it is skewed towards the negative. With practice you can conquer your negative self-talk today by reading, Positive Talk Back.

Positive Talk Back can assist you in recovering your personal power and increase your self-awareness and develop mastery over your personality by identifying and removing negative words from your thoughts and speaking a more positive language with your internal dialogue. As you go through each step, you will start to create a different world and every transformation techniques act as buffers as they help you overcome the negative way in which you interact and react with situations and have opportunities to make positive choices, instead of just reacting from old habits or negative thoughts.

The material in this book will assist you in how you think, how you feel, how you act and how you react from your self-talk beliefs. You will understand how your personality can affect your happiness and success in life. You will understand better  what works well for an Expressive person who loves to communicate with others will not work for a Analytical person who is basically an introvert and a Dominants person self-worth is value by busyness but a Solid person will find great joy in relaxing.

This book offers hands on comprehension core belief exercises that will assist you with changing dysfunctional beliefs and building alternative beliefs by using guided core visualization and positive affirmations that are match with your personality for clearing the cellular memory and changing old thought patterns to release negative thoughts and emotions that do not serve your highest good.

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