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Positive Talk Back by Delvenia Fairbanks


Positive Talk Back by Delvenia Fairbanks
About The Book:

It's never to late to pick up a weird habit like talking to
yourself. Self-talk is an inner monologue that you have in the privacy of your
subconscious mind. Most of your self-talk may be positive but often it is skewed
towards the negative.

Positive Talk Back offers hands on comprehension core belief exercises that will
assist you with changing dysfunctional beliefs and building alternative beliefs
by using guided core visualization and positive affirmations that are match with
your personality for clearing the cellular memory and changing old thought
patterns to release negative thoughts and emotions that do not serve your
highest good.


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About The Author:

Positive Talk Back took place after many
years of self-discovery of my own personal power and assisting others to
recapture theirs. It  offers you an opportunity to face your difficulties
constructively and enjoy all the good things that life has to offer as I do

I am a Certified Life and Wellness Coach and the owner and founder of the
Wellness Center in downtown Picayune in Mississippi and the co- owner of
Occasions Wedding & Special Events.

Thank you for proving a safe platform for me to continue grow and may this be
your safe platform to evolve into YOU!

Emcouragement+Enlightenment +Empowerment =Happiness
Love Delvenia,


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