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Peanut’s Legacy: a story of joy, heartbreak, and healing by Dafna Michaelson Jenet


Peanut’s Legacy: a story of joy, heartbreak, and healing by Dafna Michaelson Jenet

About The Book:

At the age of 40, after many months of failed attempts, Michaelson Jenet finds herself pregnant. A "mommy blogger" on a national platform she begins to share her joy and adventure of older pregnancy until the day her doctor told her and her adoring husband that something didn't look right. A few painful weeks later the baby boy the Jenet's lovingly referred to as Peanut died. In this book Michaelson Jenet pours her heart out sharing the depths of feelings of loss and isolation she, and her husband felt from the doctor's office to trying to return to work. She also explores the magic of love and support received from community and give suggestions around building community for those families struggling with the loss of a baby.


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About The Author:

Dafna Michaelson Jenet is a member of the Colorado General Assembly where she serves in the Colorado House of Representatives representing House District 30. Peanut's Legacy is Michaelson Jenet's second book. Her first book: It takes a little crazy to make a difference, was put on hold because of the deep post-partum depression the author struggled with following the loss of her baby, Peanut. Michaelson Jenet is proud mom to 3 young adults and is deeply connected to her husband and love of her life, Michael Jenet.


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