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On The Journey to Achievement by John Patrick Hickey

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On The Journey to Achievement
by John Patrick Hickey

About The Book:

The journey to achievement is like taking a trip.  You must know
where you are going, how you will get there and be prepared for the journey.
 On The Journey To Achievement takes these steps and develops a plan for
the achievement of any dream or life purpose.
As you read, On The Journey To Achievement you will discover how to develop a
clear and well defined destination for your life and the achievement of your
dreams.  You will then be lead step by step in developing a plan for
achievement, the vehicle needed to make the journey and how to gather the right
information needed for the trip.
Readers will find help in creating the right attitudes, behaviors and knowledge
to be the best they can be and achieve their dreams with excellence and skill.
 All this will be formed within a workable timetable that can be used again
and again for the achievement of goals throughout your life.


About The

John Patrick Hickey has been coaching
leaders and individuals and inspiring groups large and small for over three
decades.  He has a personal passion to help Success-Minded People identify
their giftings, set goals and achieve their dreams, while becoming the best they
can be.  John Patrick is a gifted speaker knows how to help leaders build
teams and accomplish their objectives.  Having been a Pastor and life coach
for several years, John Patrick knows how to work with churches as well as
businesses and other groups.
John Patrick Hickey is a Certified Personal Development Coach as well as being
certified in DISC Assessments and evaluations.  John Patrick specializes in
communication, goal setting and the discovery of a person’s key purpose in
life.  John Patrick is the author of three books, Daily Thoughts: 90 Daily
Readings for Success-Minded People,  All You Have Is Now: How Your Approach
to the World Determines Your Destiny  and his newest book with Motivational
Press, On The Journey To Achievement.  He is also a speaker, instructor and
well read blogger.  
John Patrick and his wife Kate natives of Michigan.  He has two daughters
who are both married and have blessed John and Kate with nine grand children.


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